Alvin Skate N Party

"Keeping Alvin Rolling Forward"

Top 10 Reasons to Party with Us

1. It's AFFORDABLE! Our different party packages make having a roller skating party affordable for any budget.

2. It's EASY! Multiple session times are available with helpful staff ready to work to meet your parties' needs

3. Its FUN! Roller skating is a time honered tradition in our country. Modern facility with great staff makes for an exciting time for your friends and family to enjoy.

4. Great Music! We have over 5,000 songs from great party classics to current billboard hits.

5. Cool Lights and Effects! We have specialty black lights, LED effect lights, and fog.

6. Arcades! We have the classics- Pac Man, Galaga, Air hockey, and many more.

7. Snack Bar! With over 40 food and drink options, there's something for everyone.

8. Games Games Games! Limbo, Red Light Green Light, and many games for both children and adults to enjoy.

9. Safety First! We offer Skate Mate Trainers for rent during any session to increase confidence and gain balance.

10. Healthy Exercise! You can burn up to 500 calories in just one hour of roller skating.